Beautiful jewellery handmade in Scotland
  • Silver abacus bracelet


    Beautiful silver bangle with gold filled rings that move on the bangle as you do. 
    You can personalise this classic design by choosing any number of rings on the bracelet. 

    How many will you have?

    5......because you've been together 5yrs?
    17...because that's how old your daughter/best pal/random person is going to be?
    25...because it's a Christmas present? celebrate making it across the finishing line of that marathon you weren't sure you'd manage?
    34...because that's the number of years you've been friends
    50...for that big birthday
    73.....why the hell not?

    ....or any other number "THE CHOICE IS YOURS" as Cilla would say (that definitely shows my age!)

    The basic bangle with up to 5 rings is £50. Please add £1 for each additional ring. 

    Please allow up to 10 working days for dispatch.